The Perinatal Mental Health Institute Strives to Support Women, Couples and Families Navigating the Journey to Parenthood by Providing Compassionate, Evidence Based and Effective Perinatal Mental Health Training, Professional and Peer Support and Ongoing Education to the Perinatal Providers that Support Them.

The Perinatal Mental Health Institute is currently in the process of approval for International CPD recognition through the CPD Standards Office for our Core Perinatal Mental Health Specialist Training. PMHI is committed to providing high quality professional online trainings for perinatal professionals.

Our Core Perinatal Mental Health Specialist training has been approved by Postpartum Support International as an Advanced Training for their Certified Perinatal Mental Health Specialists PMH-C and is an approved course for the needed continuing education.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon: PMHI Core Training

This 10 month course is a foundational course meant to develop a deep understanding of Perinatal Mental Health complications that arise within the journey to parenthood. The overall aim of the Core Perinatal Mental Health program is to support professionals to feel confident in their ability to work effectively with parents and their families experiencing perinatal mental health issues. Want to know more? Send us a message!

Coming Soon: Perinatal Mental Health Community

A vibrant online community of perinatal providers who are passionate about supporting women and families through this tender transition. Membership to this community will give you access to ongoing education, peer support, membership discounts on future trainings.

Coming Soon: Ongoing Education for Perinatal Providers

Professional ongoing education for perinatal providers around the mental health and wellbeing on women, couples and families within the perinatal community. Stay tuned for a consistent stream of great information and education.

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When will courses and membership be available?

We at the PMHI are working hard to get all of the work behind the scenes ready and hope to have courses and membership available for the summer of 2024. We want to make sure it is high quality and really brings value so trust us it is worth the wait! Make sure to sign up for our mailing list to stay up to date.

Tell me about the Core Training!

This is our fundamental in depth training for perinatal providers who really want to get it! This 10 Month course will cover the impact of Matrescence, Fertility Challenges, Grief and Loss, Perinatal Anxiety, Perinatal Depression, Mania and Psychosis, Birth Trauma, NICU Stays, Feeding Challenges, Medication Management and Relationship challenges on mental health. Take a look on our training page for more information!

Will I get CPD Credits?

Yes! We are currently in the process of Ireland based and International CPD Accreditation through the CPD Standards Office. Our core training with be CPD accredited as well as our larger courses. Smaller courses will receive a certificate of attendance.

Who is the PMHI for?

The goal of PMHI is to include all professionals working with the perinatal population. We are passionate about our mission to support women, couples and families through the perinatal period by educating and supporting the providers that care for them! This includes Psychologists, Psychotherapists, GPs, Consultants, OB Doctors and RNs, Midwives, Doulas, Nutritionists, Coaches and any other professional provider who cares for women and couples in the perinatal period.

How can I learn more?

Make sure you are signed up for our mailing list to receive updates and feel free to reach out to us anytime at [email protected]

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